Zoom audio into Youtube Livestream

Last week I did a hybrid event. My setup was a MacMini running the Zoom calls with audio coming out of zoom on USB-c into my Rodecaster, from there I was taking a feed into my Atem Extreme ISO and livestreaming to YouTube.

I was monitoring the audio directly on the Atem, and all was fine. I was also feeding the Zoom audio to the house speakers and all was well.

The problem I has was that the audio on the Youtube Livestream kept dropping out despite it not dropping out at my end.

There were times when the bandwidth dropped as low as 1.5Mb upload, but the video stream wasn’t affected, and i would have thought if bandwidth were the issue, then it would affect video before audio?

Any advice on how i could improve this for future events?

Many thanks


your good information and good question but i a,m not idea.