Yt 260 pan and tilr

Has anyone tried one of the cheap pand and tilt heads? I don’t need smooth movement just something to reframe half way through a service it would be awesome if @aaronpk was able to hack one with a raspberry or m5stick to run on wifi :wink::wink::wink:

That does sound like fun! I’ve never bought a pan/tilt head before! I’ve always been intimidated by the super expensive ones and skeptical of the cheap ones, so I’d be curious to hear others’ experiences too!

I’m beginning to wonder if the development of gimbals will bring down the price of PTZ cameras. The recent DJI Ronin* upgrade with the Raveneye wireless control gives you the ability to mount a gimbal on a tripod and fully control the capabilities of a mirrorless camera and its lens. In addition it’s possible to have the camera track AND autofocus on a subject. The also make a head-only option which could be mounted on a slider track, so not only can you P-T-Z-F you can track left-right/up-down at the same time which could give tremendous dynamism to a scene.

Here’s some background how it works

  • other manufacturers have similar capabilities
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