Your wish list for a 1U ATEM Mini rack mount?

I want to know what you are looking for in a 1U rack mount for an ATEM Mini and Extreme! I’m working with someone who is building one, and we want to know your wish list!

Some goals and constraints:

  • The idea is to have a pull-out drawer for the ATEM Mini/Extreme where it rolls back into the rack and you can pull it out to use it
  • There will be a different version made for the ATEM Mini and Extreme models due to their different form factors
  • This could be for desk or permanent installation use as well as portable on-the-go rigs
  • Think about things that would make cable management easier for you

Let me know what you want! Also please post photos here of your own rack mount ATEM Minis and let us know what you like about your setups and what could be solved with a better solution!


I’m guessing it would be the Mini ISO and Extreme ISO. Understanding the cable routing would be key. I just help a group setup a Mini Pro in a rolling case with their mixer, wireless mics, etc.

I think the direction things are going with hybrid, you have to build everything around having a mixer to provide one or more mix minuses.

I’m all for cases that combine gear to reduce set up time, but I’m lacking the imagination to see how a 1RU case could be utilised, especially when the drawer would take up 1RU.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

It’s not a 1RU case, it’s a 1RU ATEM mount, for a case

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Yeah exactly, the idea is a 1RU shelf to insert into your own rack case build. That makes a lot more sense than trying to build a case for everyone since people will have a wide range of uses for it. Ideally the shelf will be useful in both permanent builds in a studio as well as portable rack cases too.

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Would be nice for it to hold the new Extreme plus a StreamDeck next to each other, but the XL wouldn’t fit alongside the Atem extreme in a 19" rack. Not sure about the 15 button one.

Yeah, but maybe you could have a flat-mount rack panel adapter for the StreamDeck above the ATEM Mini rack-drawer, so the face of the StreamDeck would be 90deg off the face of the ATEM Mini.

Not as ergonomic, but, could work.

I have built a 3U rack with a drawer on the front and multiple connections and power on the back.


It would be great if you could make the 1U shelf/drawer fit in shallow cases as well as deep cases.
Would also be awesome to have a built-in Flip up Cable management cover like audio mixer cases to cover the ATEM connections and capability to route all cables underneath and out or to a patch panel.
SKB Roto-Molded Mixer Case with Wheels For Behringer X32 Mixer
As most 1u drawers attach at the back and front maybe also include an optional 1u pass through patch panel that can be attached at the same screws as the drawer back for cable pass-through.
As well as maybe an SSD mounting area something better than hook and loop.

Shallow Cases Rail-To-Rail Depth 10.7 in - 11.46 in :
SKB 4U Roto Shallow Rack Case with Steel Rails
SKB Injection-Molded 2 RU Studio Flyer Rack Case

Deep Cases Rail-To-Rail Depth 15.00 in - 17.60 in :
SKB Injection-Molded 4-RU Studio Flyer Rack Case
SKB 4U Roto Rack Case

I like your three-dimensional thinking, but yea, less ergonomic.

Maybe the drawer could actually be 2U deep with the stream deck sitting behind and slightly above the Atem. The Atem’s wiring would be hidden and go underneath the stream deck (or any other gadget to be fair) to a patch panel at the back.

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To put the Item sideways, so the drawer could be a desk mounted one (for schools/ small office).

I have a pro-audio / event sound company and use several of the Gator 4U cases and install AV and streaming systems as my day job. There is plenty of room for the ATEM Mini Extreme on a shelf. My challenge is the monitor, the inputs (perhaps a patch bay on the back, and wire management (plenty of room behind the ATEM on the shelf top), but a dozen or so cables is still a lot. I’d like pull a second shelf out, flip the monitor into a somewhat near upright position and close the shelf so it’s just open enough the the base of the monitor (perhaps the monitor support could even be spring loaded or have a locking device to secure in place. I’m looking at the Lilliput 13" as the monitor.

Datavideo TLM-170M 1RU Rack Pull-Out Monitor
Lilliput RM-1730S 17.3" Full HD 3G-SDI/HDMI Pullout Rackmount Monitor (1 RU)

It would be awesome if somebody could make a bracket like this to hold existing 15 inch VESA Mount monitors like sold on Amazon Portable Monitor for Laptop - IVV 15.6"


Yea I really want that but I seem to remember it’s pretty pricey. I only have an 11” monitor I use but would be amazing in a system like that

It would be awesome if somebody could just make amount for existing monitors

Option for Rasberry Pi 400 as single input along with streamdeck 15 button device.

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My use case is probably a little different than most folks. As a musician, I’ve considered mounting an ATEM mini in my stage rack so I could easily connect cameras on stage. The stage rack already connects to front of house via ethernet (mixer control, lighting control, etc), so the ATEM would just go on that network. The challenge would be getting monitor video to FOH. Guess I’d need a HDMI to SDI converter in there too.

Bottom line, I would need the rack mount to provide ready access to connections, while leaving some plugged in with the rack closed up (ethernet, power, etc). There would be no need to see the unit or push buttons.

Hi Richard, Ivor from Swaziland, Southern Africa, whar shelf are you using with the blue light? I’m working
on a 2U shallow rack for the Atem extreme with a MSI Optix MAG161V 15.6" mounted a pullout shelf and folding mount which unfold more like an adjustable laptop stand . Will share pics once completed.

Ivor Coglin here from Swaziland, a 2U rack mount will give you space for the MSI Optix MAG161V 15.6" monitor, on a drawer and foldable and inputs on the back with the Furman power conditioner with has the plugd on the inside, so all eaqupment is connected. On location all you need is a power source.