Working with Freelancers through VPN

I know a number of us have been working through the hurdles of a shippable kit using the ATEM Mini Pro and VPN. It sounds like @aaronpk is getting close.

Here is my question though, how many of you have used a similar configuration to remote into your own rig?

Next week I’m in a pinch that requires me to breakdown my kit and carry it to another location to stream for a client. (I can’t make it back in time to stream from my office.) This brought to mind the idea that I could remote in to control everything via laptop (if I can get the stream deck to work through the vpn).

This led me to further question what the issues would be for having the person working remotely (1099) use the VPN and do the same thing? Outside of bandwidth concerns and limiting the machine’s access to the network, what else am I missing? Could I be utilizing my gear more without it having to be me using it? Running preselected videos from the hyper deck for instance should still be no problem. And if I had a way for the person to send an NDI feed (or mirror a screen with an RTSP playing) into a Mini over the VPN they could even be seen.

Ok. Enough day dreaming…let me know why it won’t work. Please. Before I have to explain to my wife why I bought more gear. :sweat_smile:

I’ve watched my OBS preview window via VNC over a wireless LAN. It’s very low framerate, but not super laggy.

Remember that any RTSP stream will be delayed by at least 2-3 seconds. You might be able to do NDI or SRP to get a lower latency link. just announced a reduced latency preview (3 seconds). I’ll have to try it out.

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