Wiring suggestions for 2 ATEMs

I have two ATEMs and want to put together a plan to use them both together on live streams and would love suggestion on cabling / wiring them up for maxium flexiblity.

I have:
1 ATEM Mini Pro ISO
1 ATEM Mini Pro
MacBook Pro
Surface Book
3 bi-direction HDMI - SDI converters
Atomos Shogun Inferno
Multiple cameras - HDMI and SDI
Audio mixer (3 inputs) and plenty of mics

This is how I normally setup when using only 1 ATEM

This is what I am thinking when using my two ATEMs

First of all, where’s the secret location to test drive H2R gear?? :wink: (@john)

2nd: What is the purpose of having both a Microsoft Surface and a Macbook Pro? What apps are each running?

Are you livestreaming and/or recording to SSD? (If only recording to SSD to be remastered later, then you can reduce the requirements a bit).

If your microphones are only attached to Input 1 on the Atem Mini Pro - you can never change that Atem Mini Pro input without losing audio downstream. At least that’s how I interpret the above. Personally, I separated my microphone audio out of the HDMI streams and am using the Atem audio inputs (with a 4 frame delay which lines up good with Sony Alpha cameras it seems).

I use the same software on both Laptops. When using just one ATEM, I take the second laptop as a spare. I typically run VLC, H2R Graphics, Bitfocus Companion, Powerpoint and the BM control software.

I prefer running audio in via the cameras as they then are all always in sync.

With these setups I would be live streaming, but need to record as many individual parts as possible to ensure easy editing if needed later.

In this case, I would change your 2 Atem setup so that both computers (primary + spare) are on the Atem Mini Pro and move your camera + audio to the primary Atem Mini Pro ISO. That way you get all your main cameras+audio in the main ISO SSD recording and davinci project file for easy editing. And you can hot switch between computers if one of your presentation apps fails. This would be if the goal is simplicity (all the recording done in the ISO and the AMP is just a switcher).

Unless… you are using the 2 Atems in a chain in order to achieve 2 upstream keyers simultaneously. For example reposition PowerPoint output on Atem 1 with a flying key and then repositioning a Camera on Atem 2 with a flying key. You didn’t mention your specific desired end result, but there are some cool things you can do with 2 upstream keyers (like putting 2 cameras side by side on screen). In these cases you’d decide where to wire up your devices based on which 2 things you’d ever want to have on screen simultaneously (powerpoint + Camera “N” or two cameras side by side where each camera would need to be on a different Atem).

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