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So, I’ve been building a core unit for my livestreaming rig in an old Pelican case, and I think I’ve got most of what I want in the case (I’m in the stage of finalizing wiring and tightening up the layout… mostly it’s down to cable management). I remembered how some of the guitarists I’ve worked with have used a single ac-dc power supply to run all of their pedals and I’m trying to work out how to do something similar for my rig. I’ve got 6 items in my case right now, and plan to add two more.

Does anyone know of a piece of kit that would convert AC power (110 mains, as I’m in the US) to multiple DC outputs at between 1.5 and 3 amps per output? I’m not scared to build my own wires, but I’m loathe to buy individual converters for each device… at that point it’s easier to use the existing power bricks and just wire in a power strip (which was my initial thought).

Here’s the case (mid design) being used at a live stream last week (mediocre cell phone snap):

Thanks in advance for any direction or assistance!


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I’d probably just start by using a power strip under a custom-cut surface (thin wood with a covering). You could also order a custom box like this one from MEA Entertainment: https://www.mealivebox.com/

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I do love that, but as I’m already so far into my own build, I’ll probably just keep going. My original intent was to manually shorten the power cables by cutting and soldering new tips on so I’ll likely keep on with that… but if I’d seen this before, I likely would’ve gone that route, ha.

Thanks for your quick reply!

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What I have done in my home-made rig is to have a mutiple-output USB psu for everything that runs on 5v (my BMD SDI-HDMI converters & format converter) and also a CCTV psu that has 8x 12v outputs for powering my network switch, Teradek Vidiu, etc.


You could use a multiple output power supply one that can output 5v, 12v, 24v and you could just wire whatever chords you want into it.

5V 12V 24V Output Arcade Power Supply: www.amazon.ca

You can also go on a website like www.digikey.com,www.newark.com, www.mouser.com and pick whatever voltages you want and how many outputs you want : www.digikey.com AC DC Converters

You could also use a computer power supply (ATX convention power supply +3.3V, +5V, +12V and -12V)

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It sounds like you need to power eight devices. What voltage and current does each require? If everything runs on, say, 5V or 12V, and the total current consumed by all the 5V equipment is, say, three amps, and one amp for all the 12V stuff, you need one 5V/4A supply and one 12V/1.5A supply, or one supply that provides both voltages at those currents (I’ve added margin to the currents since you don’t want to operate a supply continuously at it’s maximum output power).

I’m currently designing an ATEM Mini case (which I plan to sell on Kickstarter) that powers the ATEM and the display from a single supply that’s 1” x 2” x 3”, or from a V-mount battery.