Wired Mini can't see the network

My ATEM Mini is connected using CAT6 cable to a switch which is connected to the home router. It won’t talk to the Stream Deck.


QUESTION: Can I fix this or do I have a defective/broken ATEM Mini?

What is your computers ip address? Can ATEM software see the mini without usb?

Wow. Great question, @gizmo. No, it cannot. With the network cable attached and the USB-C cable between my computer and the ATEM attached, the ATEM software sees the ATEM just great. When I unplug the USB-C cable, I get “No switcher connected.”

What is your computers ip address?

I’m sorry, @gimzo, I don’t know how wise it is for me to post my computer’s IP address for potential attackers to see. But I can tell you that it is 192.168.68.XXX. Does that give you enough info to help me diagnose?

yes, you need to set the ATEM into the same IP range, so also 192.168.68.xxx, just not the same as other stuff on the same network.

(also, it’s a private IP, so no use to online attackers unless they already have access to your network)

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Sorry. I was looking at the wifi connection. The wired connection is 192.168.254.XXX. I am connected wired from the laptop to the switch and also wired from the ATEM Mini to the same switch.

Try disabling wifi and see if that helps, also see if there’s a firewall that’s causing trouble