WiFi Tally for ATEM Mini on the cheap

I’ve tried to find out the cheapest option for getting tally lights on my canon xa cameras. I’ve previously done some work with the Wemos D1 Mini (ESP8266) and found that there is a neat RGB-shield for these that make them super simple to put together and thanks to the work by OneGuyOneBlog and Kasper Skårhøj getting the code working was not too much of a hassle. Next version will add a wifi manager and webinterface for changing switcher ip, camera id and LED brightness. Maybe also build a 3D-printed case with a coldshoe and light defuser. What do you guys think?

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Looks nice, I tried to do the same but put it on hold due to lack of time. Does it have any proxy server or connects straight to ATEM? Apparently there is a limit on a number of connections to ATEM.

Can you share the details of how it works (SW, wiring)?
I tried using an ESP8266 and the code from OneGuyOneBlog with no success. I am using the 8.4/8.5 ATEM software. I’m wondering if the OneGuyOneBlog code worked for previous ATEM software revisions, but something in 8.4 broke the magic.

I’ll put up a GitHub repo within a few days.

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I don’t use a proxy by now. The ATEM suposedly has a limit of 5 connections for controll and for the Atem Mini I will probably never be using more than 3 tally lights. That leaves one connection for the ATEM software and one for Companion. If that does not work I would maybe start looing into how to use a ESP32 or something as a proxy.

Any update on this? I’m eager to get a tally light going. :slight_smile:

In my research I found a path that might work althought I havent tried it.
I wonder if one could use AtemOSC to intercept atem commands and translate them to OSC, then use a sketch on an ESP8266 to receive the OSC commands and control LEDs (i.e. "if /atem/send-status/mix-effect-block returns “cam1”, light up a red LED)

Hi. Still working on it. Having some issues with the wifi manager as I’m not really much of a programmer but I’ll post it as soon as I have something that works.