Why is the extreme so cheap

I am setting up a new studio in a trades school this month and have ordered the extreme and was wondering what cams i should buy then i think i clued into why the extreme is so cheap. If i buy the extreme, it would be silly for me not to buy BMPCC as then i would have all my camera controls for it on the front of the extreme. So then maybe i should buy multiple BMPCCs instead of Sony or canons etc. Now i am completely invested into their system

Anyways. For real, is that what i should buy, 3 BMPCC 4ks? I wonder if they will come out with an update that will allow for the 4K cams to feed 4K and crop with all the new DVE features

I’m all Pocket 4Ks and have two hybrid event clients that bought ATEM Minis and Pocket 4Ks so I could remote into their computers and control everything. So I’m biased in general.

I will say it depends on the distance from your cameras to your switcher and if the cameras need to pan or zoom. A member of my local Hackerspace loved my Mini, but bought his church 3 Vixia HF r800. His reasoning was untrained teenage helpers. So less training, parfocal, and cheaper to replace if dropped. You’ll need more light though if you go that route.