Who has a totally quiet Atem Mini Extreme ISO fan noise?

On my Atem Mini Extreme ISO the fans rev up in the beginning then they go down to “resting” speed. I saw Arrons lates live stream when a person asked about this and Aaron said he had no noise as quiet as his Atem Mini Pro. I talked to BM support in Asia and the distributor in Australia and all have the same low noise from the fans sleeping mode. So it came to me as a surprise that Aarons said it was a quiet as th Atem Mini Pro.

Audio recorded with an iphone 11 Pro with the mic close to the left upper corner of the Atem Mini Extreme ISO: www.dropbox.com/s/vq0uvll5y0esc0o/Fan noise Atem Mini Extreme ISO.m4a?dl=0

I used a dB meter on my iphone ad the noise was about 40dB (free app Decibel Meter Sound Detector).

Are there any more people here that have a totally quiet Atem Mini Extreme or Atem Mini Extreme ISO?



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My Extreme ISO is dead silent once the initial burst happens. I haven’t heard it come on once yet. Used it a lot for the 10 days or so I’ve had it.

Interesting… Any chance you could download the free app Decibel Meter Sound Detector if you have an iphone and measure the noise so we are on the same page? Mine was around 40dB.

I would really appricate if you could record a video so I can send in to BMD so they can see that some units actually are dead silent.

Mine is the same. Once booted it is quite even when running 6 sources and using SS ,1 USK and 1 DSK while using macros to change the SS layout. My PC fan is louder and it is further away from my ears. With a sound meter right above the Extreme ISO when powered off it is 26db (PC Fan) which Extreme ISO powered up it is 27db. I did the test on the Extreme ISO after it been running for 20mins.

Thanks Chris. I did new testing with the a weighted on the meter instead of z weighted and I got around 29dB for room ambiance and 1-2 dB higher with the Atem Mini Extreme ISO on after initial fan reving up. Seems like you get similar result.

It is workable since it’s a low noise still it’s not silent (no fan noise) as the Atem Mini Pro. Unless metered with a dB meter it’s all up for perception… Thanks again for the input.

I literally can’t hear fan noise in mine at all. If I put my ear about two inches away from the side i can hear a low clicking sound from the fan but every other fan in the room is far louder. The general background noise level in my home office is 42db according to one of the phone apps, and an inch from the side of the ATEM extreme is 43db. tbh I’m not confident in the phone’s ability to measure sounds that are this quiet.

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Really interesting… It’s hard to measure without a proper decibel meter to compare and most people don’t have one. I thought suggesting to use a iphone app would be better than recording the audio…

I’m still in the refund period from store where I bought my Atem Mini Extreme ISO and I can exchange it for new one but I wanted to have done some more research first so I don’t get the same noise etc on a new unit. if possible The fan noise is workable… I prefer to have it as quiet as possible though.

I saw in the comments on Curtis live stream video that you have had 3 extremes or maybe you just had them on order. If you have had more units are the fan noise the same on all?

With what you describe I wonder if is a quality control issue since many people have the fan noise problem and some don’t. If BMD suppport and New Magic did their tests with unit’s with to loud fan noise like mine the noise would be the same and would be interpreted as nomarl. Also the batch of units that are in Australia is likely the same.

I can also send in the Atem Mini Extreme ISO to the for testing but then I lose 2-3 weeks without it due to shipping to the east coast in Australia and testing.

This is more concerning… I also have problem with difference in noise floor between mic 1 and mic 2 when connecting røde videomic ntg, Videomic Micro or a Smartlav + converted to TRS. When recording to my mac over USB C and comparing to the SSD recording the SSD recording is much quieter which is really interesting. Here are the results I will do a new table with Max RMS values as well.

Any chance you can put a mic close to the fan so I and others can hear what your fan sounds like on your next live stream?

I also have this hum… Interesting is that the recording on the SSD has zero noise (no requencies shows up in RX8 sectoral view) while the recording of the headphone out has noise. I know that the noise floor of the H6 could add some noise still strange that there is no noise on the SSD recordings.

I recorded the headphone out from the Atem Mini Extreme ISO into the Stereo XY 3.5 mm in on a Zoom H6 with gain set to 3 which I matched by ear to what it sounded like on when I had the headphones connected to the Atem Mini Extreme ISO direct at 100% level.

For all the tests the MixPre 6 II channels where muted so I only could hear the self noise. I used a Mack Pro 16” connected to USB C hub connected to a power board into the wall. The Atem Mini Extreme ISO was powered by the same power board as well as the MixPre 6 II when it used “wall power”. I got similar results with my H6 connected in the same way as the MixPre 6 II but I didn’t record them from the headphone out. The recordings on the SSD had no noise

  1. I connected MixPre 6 II to the left side first USB C and the Atem Mini Extreme ISO to the first USB C right, second was a usb C hub. Stereo out from the MixPre 6 II into Atem Mini Extreme ISO Mic 1 or Mic 2 - Noise more on Mic 2

  2. I connected MixPre 6 II to a power bank and the Atem Mini Extreme ISO to the first USB C right, second was a usb C hub. Stereo out from the MixPre 6 II into Atem Mini Extreme ISO Mic 1 or Mic 2 - No Noise

  3. I connected MixPre 6 II to wall power to the USB C port and use the USB A port to connect to the MBP and the Atem Mini Extreme ISO to the first USB C right, second was a usb C hub. Stereo out from the MixPre 6 II into Atem Mini Extreme ISO Mic 1 or Mic 2 - No noise

  4. I connected MixPre 6 II to the left side first USB C and the Atem Mini Extreme ISO to the second USB C left, second right was a usb C hub. Stereo out from the MixPre 6 II into Atem Mini Extreme ISO Mic 1 or Mic 2 - Lower noise than 1. Mic 2 is higher

  5. I connected MixPre 6 II to the right side first USB C and the Atem Mini Extreme ISO to the second USB C right, first left was a usb C hub. Stereo out from the MixPre 6 II into Atem Mini Extreme ISO Mic 1 or Mic 2 - Lower noise than 1. Mic 2 is higher

Here are all the test files and screenshots from RX8

I’m glad I’ve found this forum / thread, as I’ve been scouring the internet for the past week to see if the fan-noise I’m getting from near the power connector on the right-hand-side of my new AMEI is “normal”. I have a pretty quiet room (~30dB according to SPLnFFT Noise meter on my iPhone), and I find continuous (post-start-up) fan noise very annoying; it is a distinctly ticking sound (e.g. like a 50-60Hz hum) and is much louder than the 16" MacBook Pro sitting near it. I would understand some fan-noise, but this sounds like a bearing problem (if that’s possible). For comparison, the ATEM Mini really is dead-silent after start-up. I’ve attached a screen-capture from Izotope RX comparing the two ATEMS recorded on my iPhone: there is definitely something there. (I haven’t posted the audio; the sound is similar to mstream’s iPhone recording.) Trying to decide if I can put up with it, or whether an RMA is required. I expect much better for the cost of this device, so it may be the latter.

Can you post screenshots of wave form statistics from RX on amp and amei noise? And the file so I can listen to your noise?

mstream: here’s the video of ATEM Mini vs ATEM Mini Extreme ISO from which the previously-posted waveform was created (Not sure what you mean by “wave form statistics”, but in any case don’t have access to my laptop at the moment). As it was recorded on iPhone, you really need to crank up the volume to hear it, but it is very noticeable sitting at my desk. RMA process means losing the device for some time, so I need to think hard about whether I put up with it (and simply complain) or move forward, perhaps only to be told it is “within the normal range’. A dilemma!

Sounds very similar to mine maybe a little louder… How long ago was it since you bought it? I totally understand that you don’t want to be without your amei. I have the same thoughts… Probably good to send in an email to support anyway and see what reply you get. You can always decide to not send it in even if you get the RMA.

I would like to see a video of Aarons amei to hear his noise since it seems much less to what he describes…

Here you will find more info about Wave from statistics in RX I mapped it to W for quick access.

How is the noise floor on mic 1 and mic 2 on your amei if you connect a shotgun mic etc?

Here are some of the screenshots with the wave form statistics in the lower right corner.

mstream: Thanks for the information on waveform statistics in RX - greatly appreciated! I’m assuming from the screenshots you posted that you have RX8 Advanced, in which case the *.mp4 file I posted can be opened directly, and you can run the waveform stats in RX for whichever area you like.

I use my mic (via MixPre 6) directly into the camera, so that I don’t have any hdmi-related sync issues. Unfortunately I can’t comment on the noise floor on mic 1 & mic 2.

At this point I’m going to use the heck out of this 2-week old AMEI over the next week to see if I can learn to ignore the annoying ticking of the fan. My dynamic mic doesn’t pick it up, so perhaps it will be okay. If it were to get worse over time (i.e. is a true quality issue), then I have already registered my concerns with BMD support / New Magic in Melbourne, and I am sure they would provide good support.

Good luck sorting your mics out! Cheers, Peter.

petphi: Yes I have RX8 adv I missed that I could open mp4 directly, Thanks. I also connect my camera from my MixPre 6 II (with a dynamic mic) to be sure the audio is in sync. I also have NoiseAssist (great plugin only works on the II version) so the noise won’t be heard. The fan noise from the Macbook Pro is much louder than the fan noise from the amei. It’s totally workable for me still make s me wonder if it is a normal or not when I hear Aaron describing his fan noise on amei. NosieAssist removes the fan noise from the MBP…

I want to connect audio from the MixPre 6 II directly into mic 1 or 2 to be able to monitor next stage in the signal chain (amei has compression, limiting, compression and EQ). Since I can’t direct monitor without delay from mic1 or 2 it’s impossible to talk and hear my voice with a couple of frames delay.I will send in a feature request to BMD and hope they add it in firmware. I also would like to be able to do mix minus on the usb c for webcam, stream out and program out if I get audio from zoom etc into the amei. Today the MixPre 6 II handles the mixminus on the stereo out and usb out. If I do this I also get a hum as I posted since the MixPre 6 II and amei are both connected via usb c to my MBP.

I bought a headphone switch with 4 inputs and 1 output which I have connect my amei HP and MixPre 6 II HP so I can easily switch to check if there is any noise. Haven’t had time to test if this works though…

Good luck testing the amei and see if the fan noise is ok for you.

Cheers, Mikael

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petphi: How did you go with the fan noise?

Hi all

I got my replacement unit and I still have a fan noise maybe slightly higher.

I just saw a video from Aaron Perecki where he says he can not hear the fan on his 2 Atem Mini Extreme ISO at 20.20 a couple of other people are saying there’s are silent too at 22.10 youtu.be/WUYIVBoDQfM

Would be nice to have recording since it’s hard to get an idea what noise is since we all perceive sound differently…

I did get my replacement unit and mic 2 still has higher noise floor that mic 1 way better than my old unit. The noise floor is only tested by recording 10 sec samples in Audio Hijack and to the ssd. Interestingly enough there where no noise on the ssd recordings at all. I used firmware 8.6.

Interesting to hear your “replacement update” (following post). I decided to suck it up and keep my device for the time being, while not being wholly satisfied with the ticking fan noise. After your experience, I’m glad I did, as it sounds like this might be a “normal” fan-noise for this device. I hope you get good use out of the new one. All the best - Peter

I can confirm that my ATEM Mini Extreme ISO has the same fan noises. I haven’t measured it but it sounds in line with what has been reported here. I returned it and gott a second one—same issue. I thought bought a half dozen different line conditioners and hum eliminators trying those with no luck.

That all took long enough that it was too late to return so mine is back in its box in the closet. I keep hoping to hear of a fix or even an acknowledgment of the problem but haven’t. I’m starting to look into alternative products.

Mikecohn little bit confused… Didi you try to use line conditioners and hum eliminators for the fan or did that have to do anything with the audio inputs?

Unfortunately there is no fix the fan noise is normal according to BMD. It’s workable still starnge that the fan is noise even under no load. I also had email conversation about the noise floor difference in M1 vs M2 almost 5dB on one of rode mics and according to BMD that was not un normal and should have any effect for the audience.

When I tested the Atem Mini Pro there where no difference in M1 and M2 with the same mic. I think it’s a design flaw. I just wished BMD could acknowledge that…which would probably never happen. Un the other hand I’m not using that mic I just wanted to try different mics so I know the limitations…

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Agreed, it seems like a design flaw.

What I tried was plugging the entire ATEM into different line conditioners and ground hum eliminators. I tried it with nothing connected but power and it was still too noisy for me to use.

Mikecohn: Sorry to hear that. You could send it in for warranty but you will have to be without the it for a while. Just in case and they might send you a replacement that could be slightly better.

Did you try the expander to see if that helps? I have the MixPre 6 II with their noise assist plug-in and it removes ithe fan noise and other noises but it’s price but for the MixPre 6 II and the Noise Assist still it’s totally worth it to get level of audio quality.

The MixPre 6 II is a fantastic recorder/audio interface and a great companion to the Atem Mini Extreme/ISO Their mixassist is also a great option if you have multiple people. Noise Assist only runs on one channel input ir one of the busses L or R. Bear in mind if you but the plugins they can’t be transferred to another unit. Mixassist only work on stereo out and not the ISO recordings.

If I use an external monitor on my Macbook Pro 16” it’s fans rev up like crazy and are louder than the Atem Mini Extreme ISO. NoiseAssistbtajes care if this.