What should I charge?

I am based in the UK and just getting started with Live-streaming . I have an stem extreme iso, and a mixture of Sony and bmcc cameras, radio mics etc. I have no idea what to charge for a days live-streaming, and wondered what people are charging for a typical 3 camera setup with a 2 man crew?

Any help much appreciated

Hi Pete, I’ve found it varies a lot. The best advice I had was to start somewhere and then adjust depending on the success rate of the offers being accepted or not. I moved into live streaming from event photography so I adapted rates from that plus an allowance for the additional equipment. Our typical customers are streaming for 60 to 90 minutes max. All-day is less frequent in my experience so far. It’s worth thinking about other services to include like planning consultation upfront, pre-recording content to include, and edited highlights afterwards. Good luck.

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Hi Tim

Thanks that’s helpful, my day rate for straightforward stills photography is usually £550 but with a second crew member and contribution to all the kit etc, I am thinking needs to be £1k per day, but appreciate most clients will not necessarily book for a full day.

Really like the idea of charging for the pre-consult etc and also the post stream edit.

Many thanks.


I think I’d try to charge a bit more than that. For sure the prepro needs to get covered! my last gig was a couple days of prepro for a one-hour live stream. So do your clients like a single-price-for-everything? or I might suggest billing your day rate + rentals on your gear (that gets wear-and-tear and will eventually need to be upgraded) + assistant rate, but then again I’m coming from a full video production world (ie: me + gear + gaffer + gear + assistant + hair and makeup + sound, etc)