What platform do you use

I am searching for the “best” platform.

I have two scenarios. The first scenario is an inhouse company meeting. There is mainly an one place production. Although sometimes we have a speaker that is at home and addresses both the participants in the online meeting and also the participants in the room. The interesting part is that we want the online audience should be able to participate with questions (on camera). Today we use Micrsooft Teams (meeting) for this and presents the stream on a projector so that the audience can see it also. The quality is quite bad and we have some technical issues to overcome to make this at least doable.

The other scenario is when we have public events. Now we have, most of the times, the speakers at one location (although with pandemic we have been creative). We want the online participants to be able view the event anonymous for each other but we want them to be able to ask questions. We would also like to be able to track which users that were online. Today we use Vimeo. Vimeo is on paper a great product which meets most of the demands. But they have a lot of issues. I have many cases open with them right now.

We tested Youtube, which was denied due to the need of a Google account for chatting, Teams Live (which worked fine, but it looked crap. We have looked at a bunch of other providers.

What is your take on streaming platforms?

Personally I would use zoom. I have successfully integrated in person host and attendees and even a second zoom meeting but it takes some hardware and advanced audio routing.

When I’m doing an event I tend to deploy my own rtmp to hls (or lately srt to hls) and then have a CDN work the rest of it, then I just use hls.js or something on top of it. For remote guests I use obs.ninja or jitsi depending on the requirements.

When I work for the clients they usually ask for youtube or facebook for audience, with or without chat (they just hand the moderator a laptop/tablet to read questions from the comments) and usually zoom for remote guests.