Weird control issues with new ATEM Mini Pro and MacBook Pro

I’ve finally received my new ATEM Mini Pro and have installed the ATEM software on my MacBook Pro (latest OS) and the ATEM is behaving oddly, with randomly flickering lights affecting all of the audio buttons. Pressing the physical buttons has no effect and the ATEM is effectively locked. I first thought I had a DOA unit, but to check I set up the control software on my Windows 10 laptop and it works perfectly. So, I then created a new user on my MB Pro and installed the ATEM control. Again works perfectly. I’m trying to figure out what’s causing the conflict on my main user on the MB. Any ideas? Has anyone else seen this?

Many thanks for reading this far!


go into options in ATEM software control and disable MIDI

Thank you, @gimzo(David) - as you said, lo and behold, problem fixed. I have no recollection of having checked that option, but unchecking it has cleared the problem. I’m now going to look at my other (new) user settings and also my laptop, to see if the MIDI control is set on or not.

[EDIT] I have verified the MIDI control setting on my other Mac user and my Windows 10 user and they both have MIDI control checked. I wonder I have a MIDI driver left over from old software in my main user that is conflicting? Odd.


midi control is enabled by default in ATEM control, you probably have a piece of hardware or software on that computer that is sending some midi stuff around.

Is there documentation that covers intentional use of MIDI? I’m currently working with MIDI to change inputs, run Macros, etc, but first I have to convert the MIDI messages to OSC and then run an OSC to ATEM bridge. If I could use MIDI directly, that would be great.

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there’s a few lines on it in the manual, it is only used for audio mixing, supports HUI and Mackie protocol