WebEx presentation with Atem help

Hi there,

I am knew to all this so please bear with me.

I require to do remote presentations via WebEx more and more now and looking to up my game and experience they get so invested in some kit.

My current kit is:

  • iMac 27” 5K
  • LG 4k external display
  • Atem Mini Pro
  • iPad Pro
  • Black Magic Camera

In stead of the usual share application (keynote) in WebEx I have tried to just use the camera feed which works to switch between the camera, Mac and iPad however quality isn’t fantastic and actually the iPad quality and colours go drastically wrong and I don’t know how to fix it.

Also I’m concerned as people join I don’t know how I guarantee the participants see my thumbnail/camera feed and not someone else (sometimes I co-host)

My current plugged set up is:
iMac to External Display to HDMI port 1
Atem Mini Pro

  • USB-C out to iMac
  • HDMI 1 to Blackmagic Camera
  • HDMI 2 to iMac
  • HDMI 3 to iPad
  • HDMI 4 to iPhone
  • HDMI Out to External Display HDMI port 2

Obviously key issue here is the multi view of the Atem is HDMI port 2 so when I select that on the external display, I lose my external display from iMac. If I don’t and remain on HDMI port 1, there’s no point in having it connected to it.

As I said, using the camera feed I’m struggling with unless I’m missing a set up here.

My other thought is, is there a way to have the multi view of the Atem showing on the display but still showing on my Mac as an external display and therefore I can go to WebEx, share screen 2 (Atem multi view) and then I can select program mode so the live feed is showing full screen.

That way as I switch camera modes, this will then show to all participants?

Hope that makes sense and would love any input / help / guidance here. !


I agree there’s no point in running the Mac to the external display directly. You probably want to run the Mac HDMI output only into the ATEM. When you want to see that full screen you can toggle which output the ATEM sends via its hdmi out using the buttons on the front. Does that help?

Thanks for your reply here & apologies. It Unless I’m missing something here I have my iMac plugged in to Atem as HDMI/Camera 2.

How is the best way to share this via WebEx?

My thinking could be completely wrong and not even achievable but my thought process was to share the Multiview screen and then put the camera as program so it’s full screen to the audience but can’t see this as a share option in WebEx as the ‘screen’ disappears as it’s no longer an external display

Is the only way on WebEx to share camera feed? If so, how do I guarantee the audience are focusing on my camera thumbnail especially if I co-host as when they speak, it typically changes to ‘active speaker’ therefore what I’m showing on my camera disappears from the audience