Want a Rig for community sports events

Hi Everyone, I’m fairly new to live streaming. I’m the expert at my church since Covid lockdown in Melbourne Australia. We went from 200-400 people services 3 times on Sunday to lets live stream in 5 days. There I’m using a BlackMagic TV Studio HD, some cheap panasonic camcorders (all I could get at the time quickly) and a mini recorder to send it to a Mac for live streaming via Vimeo Livestream studio.
Its been going so well we have since ordered some new PTZ cameras and an Atem Mini Pro as we expect to be live streaming for quite some time.

However I’ve been asked by my kids Cricket club to help them work out a small setup to live stream some matches, as they have very few people who can turn up at the venue (which is a large oval outside in case you aren’t failure with Cricket).

So my biggest issue I’m looking for advice on is remote camera’s. I’d like to setup a 2-4 camera setup, but 2 of the cameras will be in the middle of the fields at the stumps. Cabling them is basically a non starter (potentially something simple like Ethernet cable could work as its cheap enough to throw away if it gets destroyed by game play).

Idealy go pro’s would work due to the wide field of view. But I’ve yet to find a good way to connect multiple go pro’s to any live stream setup over wifi easily.

Any recommendations or suggestions to look at?

(budget is an issue, but there’s no point unless we can do it well enough to see the game play)

First idea is BM hdmi to SDI and SDI to HDMI adapters to place gopros on the field, and DSLRs around the field.

I’d really prefer a low cost wifi solution, if anyone has any suggestions.

I do not at all recommend it (I would always go cable first, sdi/fiber) but you can use gopro wifi to stream and capture that with vlc input in obs (I think it only works with gopro 3-6, not the newer ones)

Can you can actually run wires on pitch? You might look at NDI-HX capable cameras (e.g., https://aidaimaging.com/hd-ndi-200/) NDI transfers signal over Ethernet. However HX is pretty low bandwidth and it has worked for me over wifi. NewTek made a converter (https://www.newtek.com/blog/tips/newtek-connect-spark-adding-video-sources-to-your-productions/) to enable both conversion and wireless transfer. (http://en.kiloview.com/product/G2-1080P-HDMI-to-IP-4G-LTE-Wireless-Video-Encoder-55.html) Uses SRT instead of NDI but similar pathway.

Potentially BM isn’t the best tool for this job. I’ve heard good (and bad) about Slingstudio, which will let you do multicam over wifi. You could take the output into OBS or your TVS to overlay graphics.

One problem is that a cricket match is all day, so you’ll need to have loads of spare batteries to swap out during drinks breaks. For both the cameras and encoders.

Range might be an issue too - they claim 100m which should be enough, if you’re right on the boundary, but you might also want to look at wifi beamforming to get a decent wifi signal to the middle of the field (and back again?).

There are alternatives to this hardware, but this is the one I hear most about: https://www.myslingstudio.com/