Virtual Conference Monitoring Rig

I’ve been absent for a bit while working virtual conferences. Here is the most recent iteration of my studio space.

The center monitor pair is for my Keynote station. The ATEM Mini output from it feeds to the Ninja Inferno then out to the ATEM Mini 2 input 1 for the left station for assisting non-Keynote sessions prepping as Keynote closes. The output from ATEM Mini 2 is fed to ATEM Mini 3 input 1 on the right which is primarily serving as a zoom Tech Hallway for attendees having issues.

The laptop in the center is used for communication with each conference’s Director, session producers, and client staff.

Each set of monitors is attached to a Mac Mini i7 with 64gb ram mounted under the sit/stand desk. And the only video and audio are routed through a single pocket 4k to keep things simple.

Oh and for audio from sessions, the left station goes into an ifb in my left ear. The Keynote station goes to an ifb in my right ear. And the right station is currently just going to an old desktop speaker that I can quickly turn down or off to focus on the other two stations.

Let me know how you think I could improve.

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Monitor overload :flushed::sunglasses: - looks great!

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This is great!

So the tech hallway is a separate zoom meeting that people can join if they need help? Or is it a breakout room in the same meeting, and you are joined from a separate zoom account on the dedicated mac mini?

Is the comms on the laptop mostly over slack/discord, do you have an audio call open there with multiple people listening?

Thanks for sharing this, very cool stuff

@emurphy77 for jobs with a “tech hallway” it is always a separate meeting session (usually zoom) for attendees with issues. Breakout rooms have their purpose, but I don’t personally think tech support is among them.

As for accounts the three main computers (mac minis) and corresponding pairs of monitors each sign into separate accounts and sessions.

And depending on the job and my role on the job…I have had a few times where different computers were watching different events on different platforms…you guessed it, for different clients.

At the start of a concurrent though, I’ve also turned off camera + mic and watched up to 4 presentations start up on two computers to help Director who was receiving poor feedback from individual session producers.

As for the laptop and comms…Slack has kind of grown on me. I’ve used open audio channels separate zoom calls, you name it…but for adhoc teams it strikes a pretty good balance for the director calling times and junior level producers who are more accustomed to this type of tool.

There has been at least one time that I really wished a session moderator had an comm in her ear to yell “you’re on mute” into…but that is sort of the nature of the business right now and most folks don’t have the budget to run a proper comm for a multi-day event spread across states and sometimes a few countries.