Video play back device/ HyperDeck studio mini alternative

I’m looking for a way to play back video when I cut to the source. Basically a cheaper alternative to this:


You mean as a media player going into one of the hdmi inputs? Any media player outputting HDMI should work. Maybe you have some old kit you can repurpose for that? I’m testing an old Lacie LaCinema for that for example.

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I’m using an old iPad at the moment but it means I have to hit start and stop on player.

With the Blackmagic HyperDeck when you cut to source it rolls VT and stops when you cut away. Or plays to the end and is ready to play the next clip from start when cut to it.

That’s the kind of thing I was looking for?

I doubt you’ll find anything other than the Hyperdeck that can be triggered by the ATEM Mini itself. However, there are lots options for video player software that can be triggered via OSC commands, so you could use a Stream Deck with Companion to create a single button that sends the ATEM a command and also sends the player a command.


I’m thinking about hyperdeck too likey combined with macros in the Atem mini. A couple of follow-up questions please:

  • how would you connect the hyperdeck to the atem mini for a) playing media clips and b) use it as a recorder
  • how do you get the output from video player software to the Atem mini? Do you need a computer with HDMI output dedicated to the task?

A new Atom Compute stick is $150 but it is very slow. The M3 version is about twice that. There are a few used ones floating around.

I think I’ll end up using a mini PC for this function which was the hardware the ATEM is replacing for me.

I’m going to try to cover this in my livestream tomorrow!


Thank you! picking mine up in the morning, this is fast learning curve!

Just watched your stream on playback and posted a question on youtube too - have you managed to use graphic and alpha channel from the hyperdeck?

I haven’t tried, but it should be doable. You’ll need an SDI to HDMI converter though.

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I’ve found you need to use both SDI outputs from the hyperdeck for it to work. Output A has the animation and Output has the alpha channel (not sure of the exact technical terms). This means 2 SDI to HDMI converters and patch cables to be able to connect to the Atem Mini. Earlier I was trying to combining the HDMI output with SDI B and for some reason that does not work. It’s like the shape of the image is slightly different. With both SDIs they match perfectly.

Using both SDI outputs from the hyperdeck means you consume 2 HDMI inputs to the Atem Mini so left with only 2 other inputs.

Sounds like an excuse to get another ATEM Mini

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Already happened, one regular one pro as of this week!


Just wanted to drop a link to this other thread with some more options: iOS Video Clip Player


Thanks Aaron, this looks good.

Tim, I want to do the same thing. I have an ATEM Mini and ATEM Mini-Pro. I picked up a used Hyperdeck on eBay a few weeks ago, but I’ve been very challenged with creating videos for playback that it’s “happy” with.

Could you please share any best practices you’ve learned for using the Hyperdeck for playback?

Aaron, you have a fantastic Youtube channel! Did you cover playback options in your show and if so, which episode is it?

Thanks! I did cover that in a recent livestream, here’s the link to where it starts:

In case the forum messes up that link, it’s at 41:49


@Doug_Piper it took me a while to get it going. Main points were:

  1. All the videos have to be exact same codec. As I want to use for animated, semi transparent graphics as well as play videos I went for Prores 444 with alpha.
  2. The Atem mini pro is a bit fickle connecting with the hyper deck. Sometimes need to delete the IP address and re-enter. Btw the configuration for hyper deck is found in the settings cog lower left in Atem software control.
  3. To receive video plus alpha you need to use both SDI outs going to HDMI converters. Using the HDMI out with SDI B does not quite line up.
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@tim_hughes, that’s a huge help …I’ll give that a try! Are there any SDIto HDMI converters you recommend (hopefully cheap ones).