Video editing laptop

Not sure this is the correct place to put this question. Let me know if I need to ask it elsewhere on this forum.

I want to improve the live streams at my church by including additional video content that would play during parts of the service as well as creating some preroll video and a better credits video. When I created the current closing credits clip (it’s only a minute or so long), it about killed my current laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions for decent video editing laptops under $1k? After we replace our water heater, that’s about all I will have left from our tax return.

Hello Adam,

finding a laptop for video editing for under 1k is a quite challenge. Depending on the video editing software, a dedicated GPU will boost performance by a lot. Price-performance-wise, you’re better off with a PC than a laptop. If that’s not an option, have a look at the new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon. The M1 chip does a lot of the more common tasks like video decompression and compression in hardware and should be sufficient for simple video editing in full HD. When it comes to using CPU- and GPU-intensive effects however, the M1 stands no chance of keeping up with a desktop PC with a potent CPU and GPU.

I’m using a PC with a 12 core Ryzen 9 CPU and a nVidia RTX 3080 for video editing and it delivers 1080p50 video faster than real time, but at over two times the price.


The Apple MacBook with Apple Silicon (currently M1) chip is a screamer when paired with Final Cut Pro. Doubt you will beat its playback or exporting speed with anything else at the price.