Using the ATEM Mini Pro with LiveStream Studio6 (From Vimeo)

Hi Chaps,

I just found this forum. Its great!

I am after some clarification from someone who has tried it, or at least has a spare 5 minutes to try for me before I make the purchase.

Can I input the ATEM Mini Pro into LiveStream Studio 6 (The Vimeo company) via USB? I dont expect to see each camera within the software, however being able to use Studio6 for a broadcast would be very beneficial.

If know one knows the answer through experience, is someone able to download a demo of it and try it?

Thanks kindly :slight_smile:


I never used studio 6 with the atem but I did use studio 6 on it’s own. It would freeze on me after or just shut down. That was using it on a new mbp that was maxed on specs.

What is your thought for the benefits?

I see. I am hoping it can work so I guess I will see when we buy one.

The benefits as to why I want to use Studio6 is the graphics options, plus all of the input variants. NDI, remote cameras & remote guests. All of which the ATEM is not capable of achieving. Not to mention being able to stream direct to our playout (Vimeo) without having to change any codes.

We have a gaming PC to use it on so hopefully it will work for us. It’s strange how it was crashing for you though.

Yes, you can bring your ATEM Mini or Mini Pro in to LS6 as a webcam input via usb.