Usb webcam into Atem

I have an event coming up where I will be live-streaming a stargazing seminar. The venue has a number of telescopes that allow dslr connection so I can take a clean hdmi out into my Atem. But they have in particular telescope that is usb only. Does anyone know of a relatively cheap device to convert the usb to hdmi so I can plug directly into the atem rather than having to go through a laptop?



Raspberry pi is probably the cheapest, but Epiphan switchers/encoders support usb webcams as inputs

Hi I like the raspberry pi option, has anyone tried running multiple media files using obs on a pi?

I agree with gimzo comments regarding the Raspberry Pi 4.

Basically you need a piece of software that can run on Raspbian that can connect to the webcam and make it full screen out the HDMI port for the ATEM.

Option 1: It is possible to get this done by installing mplayer on the Raspberry Pi 4 and use the following command:

sudo apt-get install mplayer

Next, make sure the webcam is plugged in then run the next command:

mplayer tv:///dev/video0

This will start to play the output of the USB webcam.

If this command does not work, you will have to find out from Raspbian OS installed what the device variable is being used by the OS for the webcam.

Option 2: It is possible to get this done using a combination of Motion Server to create the live stream from the USB webcam and Omxplayer to playback the live stream from the Motion Server out one of the HDMI ports that you can connect to your ATEM Extreme.

I have not tried these methods myself but if any of these work, please let me know.

Good luck!