USB-C cable for ATEM MP-must not be Thunderbolt?

I’ need to get a longer USB-C cable for the USB-C output of my Atem Mini Pro , to be used as webcam in ZOOM.
There’s a big event for me coming this weekend and I’ll be hosting a guitar course for 6 hours per day. I’ve been practicing and the charging USB-C cable that came with my iPad Pro worked fine with the Atem Mini Pro, both when recording to an external as well as when using AMP as a webcam.
Now I’ll need to place the computer a bit further away and the cable is too short.
Which USB-C cable would you recommend to get? A Thunderbolt USB-C can be used for both charging and transferring data, right? SHould I get one of those, despite higher cost?
Thanks very much!

Despite using the same USB-C port, Thunderbolt is a completely different protocol. This means on the active Thunderbolt 3 cables (usually 2m or greater) they do not support USB 3 over the cable, only USB 2 and Thunderbolt 40gbit.
If you need to extend the distance for your ATEM Mini Pro, it is probably most reliable to use a USB 3 extension cable (you can easily get them in passive 3m and active 10m lengths), along with a USB-C to USB 3 cable to attach to the ATEM (depending on what you wish to plug it into - you may require adaptors both ends unfortunately if the other end is a usb-c )

Thanks! It was an idea but it seems easier to move the laptop closer to the Atem here. It will mean moving the cables from behind the monitor onto the opposite side from where I have it now, but I believe it’ll be worth it. On location I always have the laptop and Atem close to each other.