Ultimate ATEM Mini & Companion integration

I just came across this in a Facebook Group, I haven’t tried it yet but it looks like an insane integration that would be worth trying.

Features include integration of H2R, VLC as a media player, fly in graphics and a whole bunch more.

If you have an ATEM Mini Pro, it’s well worth a look, it’s Free (you do have to hand over an email address)


Well that guy’s channel will be eligible for monetization in a week. He executed exactly what the guys at A2Z were discussing in the companion app for Super Source.


I’m just watching the full demo video, He’s put a massive amount of work into something he’s giving away.


He did a great video on setting up vlc to run using companion and a stream deck earlier. It’s almost as powerful as running a hyper deck.

His content is very impressive.

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He’s on here as @davidjoshuaford and posted a video on here back in December but I don’t think it got much traction at the the time. Give him some love for his excellent work.

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Sad to say I missed it in December too. That is a crazy amount of work to setup. Well done @davidjoshuaford


Howdy guys, appreciate the share! Enjoy the layout. Hope it makes your ATEM Minis more enjoyable to use :slight_smile: