Turn your Raspberrypi into a Hyperdeck for 16 €

Hey, some of you may now that I worked on a Programm to turn your Raspberrypi into an Hyperdeck.

This software is now Released under https://gum.co/playoutbee.

This software enables you to have a Hyperdeck emulated on your Pi which is also controllable via an Webinterface.

Aaron did a Livestream where he showed the features : https://youtu.be/6edcfmWkXnY?t=1066


Awesome work. Ready and waiting for your Windows version. :))

Thanks Jonas, especially for the support, and the second screen output for OBS.

How’s the Window’s version going?

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it’s near :slight_smile:
Just need to test some more then i will release a version.

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