Trying to play Fill/Alpha on UltraStudio Mini 4K

Have several short clips (fill and alpha) exported from DaVinci and I want to play these on inputs 3 and 4 on AMP as a stinger. I have been trying this for some time and have watched Aaron extensively, but I have several questions that I cannot get answered.
If I try to use a Atem Macro, there seems to be a significant issue. The UltraStudio Mini 4K does not have an RJ45 (IP) jack. Hence, it cannot be seen by Atem software-at least that is true in my case. So, I can’t use a macro? Right?
With regard to Companion, there are no images (profiles) for the UMS 4K.
Unfortunately, there are only a couple of videos on the UMS 4K, mostly a waste of time and videos on the Hyperdecks are only marginally helpful.
. . . . and then there seems to be a discrepancy between what Aaron sees on his multi view and mine, I never see anything on the Alpha channel (4 on the AMP), despite checking all the same boxes on export from DaVinci; QT=>ProRes=>4444=>Export Alpha
. . . does anyone know how to check a file for alpha on a Mac? When I use get info (command I) there is no info about whether there is an alpha or not.

Thanks, in advance!!!

How are you trying to play the videos? UMS is not a player, you can’t put video on it, it’s not a hyperdeck. You need a software player that supports decklink output and use that.

Hi Gizmo, thx for the reply. The BMD software that plays the clips thru the UMS is called Black Magic Media Express. But, also there is no listing (that I can find) for it in the Companion image options. Maybe there is some other software to play clips thru UMS 4K, I’ll check

Still trying to do this and Aaron does it on most episodes. But for some reason trying to get a step-by-step for this seems impossible (he has answered 2 of my 5 Qs over the last 3 months). Part of the solution seems to be in the July 11th stream “Browser Source from OBS to Atem mini w/USM4K.” Aside from this there are only a couple of isolated answers, spread thru many streams, that are difficult to piece together, that I have not been able to follow. Arghghgh!
Briefly, my current roadblock is in OBS, while I can easily set the Capture Settings to the USM4K, for some reason the Output Settings (to play the fill and alpha) can not select it. In the July video, Aaron seems to select DeckLink and then in DeckLink selects the USM4K in the DeckLink software (???)