Trigger atem mini pro input switch after playback

Has anyone found a way to use a macro to automatically switch inputs after playing a clip. I’m thinking of using playback software on my laptop like imimot mitti. It can be controlled with my stream deck and companion but was curious if there is a way to auto switch back to my live camera after playback is finished. I can obviously just do it manually but would love to not have to time the switch perfectly myself and let the atem do

If you know the exact length of the clip to be played (and if the clip length wont change), you may be able to put a delay (or series of delays) into a macro before it switched back to your live feed. Might be worth testing it out to see


That was the only thing I had thought of as well. With some experimentation it probably would work. I know that companion can send feedback to the stream deck so I was hoping for some way that it could get a signal that the file is done playing and use that to trigger the switch. I was hoping for an automated way to make the switch timing more precise but with some experimentation I might be able to make the delay idea work.

I know that Mitti has OSC control, but not sure how flexible it is.

Using QLab with atemOSC ( you can play your media and control the ATEM with OSC over your local network.

Eg. switch ATEM to program 4, play media and switch back to program 1 automatically after playback has ended. No need for an ATEM macro.

You can use the default Stream Deck utility to link a keyboard shortcut that you assigned for the “Play Clip” que in QLab. No need for Companion.

You need (buy/rent) a QLab video license to make it work (rental fees credit towards future purchase).

I’ve done this with setting a delay in a macro to switch back to a camera after playing a clip. You have to know the exact length of the video and enter that number of frames as a delay in the macro. Totally works tho!

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I am using the playback function of freeware software CasparCG.
Caspar CG can control the atem over the network.
Same as in the macro you have to set a delay for the duration of the video.
At the end of the video I switch to the preview channel. This gives you the oppertunity to switch the preview during the playback an come back to the momentary preview channel an not limited to a predefine fixed channel.
Advantage of CasparCG is that the number of video’s is not limited to the number of macro’s.
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Rene Brunken