Transparency for lower thirds

Firstly, thanks for creating H2R - such an amazing tool for creating lower thirds on the fly :grin:

I’m pretty new to all of this, so please excuse my question - but is it possible to set some transparency on the background colour for the lower thirds box?

It is possible indeed - you could use ‘opacity: .5’ but I am not sure how well it would key out.

Should work reasonably well by setting the opacity in css and using a Luma key. I doubt you’d get good results with a chroma key tho

Thanks so much for the info guys! I’ve used the chroma key before but never played around with the luma key - will research it a bit and try it out :grin:
I tried setting the opacity and it doesn’t seem to make a difference for the lower thirds. I then applied opacity to the background of the “message” section and low and behold - there it is working. Maybe a bug for the lower thirds section?

Anywhere I can read on how to use CSS for H2R?

In custom CSS you may set the rgba value for the background, where the last value will be the opacity, like:
background:rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5);

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Ah, you rock! That worked :grin:

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