Tips for Darkening the Camera Image so White Text Overlays Have Good Contrast?

I use Luma Keying in the ATEM Mini Pro to display text overlays (white text on black background). There are several ways to darken a shot when using white text overlays when I am running the camera:

  1. Change camera’s exposure
  2. Hang a tinted gel in front of the camera lens
  3. Easy when using OBS by adding a tinted layer to the graphic.
    But with ATEM Mini Pro what are some ideas to darken the shot when you’re getting a camera feed from the house A/V camera?

If you use a luma key and black grey as the key color you can select 10% limit and then play with the gain to get a darkened video.

Thanks a lot, KarlAlexPauls!
I thought of this and experimented with it today but I did not succeed in getting the right settings. I’ll definitely go back and work on it. When you say select 10% limit…is that the clip setting?
I really appreciate your advice.

Yes, sorry I got back to my ATEM Control and Clip is it. Actually looks like you need a dark grey (#222222 to #777777 or so?) key background for your text and then you should be able to dial in the right mix.

This is definitely a workaround for having multiple keys or VFX.

Here’s a quick demo of clip vs gain for anyone looking for an illustration:

Thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time. I understand and can perform a lot of the basics but I think I can do more to make the watermark logos and overlays look really good.

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Another Question KAP…If want to keep a watermark logo on the screen at all times with DSK…in order use the Luma or Chroma with the USK, graphics must be brought in from another source IHDMI source)…not the media player which is occupied, being used for the watermark logo with DSK…am I right?

You are right. I forget the order that these are in, but the one that allows chroma is in the middle and the luma only key (upstream?) ends up on top.

I have two compute sticks connected to my ATEM at the moment to play with this.

Thanks Karl…yeah I’ve pretty much decided on a second computer to just run graphics which is standard practice in the live event video production world. With a background in audio and having done several Live Streaming gigs with video production crews, I’ve learned a lot from this guys. Thanks a lot!!

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