The best rack mounted switchers

Thought i’d throw this out for discussion.

From my experience a rack mount is better as a vision component as opposed to an audio component in a 16u rolling rack and ideally you’d have buttons for control on the front of the switcher as opposed to solely on a laptop (ala BM TVS).

So what are people’s experiences of rack mounted switchers?
BM Production 4k
Roland XS-62s

List away…

I’ve used, and am a huge fan of, the Blackmagic Television Studio HD. It’s the 2/3 rack size so the Hyperdeck Studio Mini sits next to it. I like that it has buttons on the front, but in practice I haven’t ended up using them really, I always create macros and trigger those from a Stream Deck or iPad. Wish I could say I’ve used the more expensive ones but that’s the highest model I’ve used, and the only rack mounted one I’ve used. (other than the original TV Studio switcher that was like 2" deep)

Thanks Aaron.
From my experience all of our rolling racks have Analogue Way Pulse 300s which are great in that they are scalers and switchers but considerably out of date now. Techs (aged 20s-30s) often get lost in the layers of the PS300 and in terms of a client logo / holding slide they most commonly use a holding slide set to desktop on a laptop as opposed to loading into the switcher. Trying to go through all the options for future improved workflow. Company wise also have VR4s, V40s, V60s, Ascender, Nexstage, V800s, V800mkIIs,watchout servers. Techs seem to prefer the desktop Rolands.

We have a permanent setup (never have to go mobile) so our stuff is in a wall-mounted rack.
We have an ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K that we control with an all-in-one computer through a numeric keypad and a mouse. I think we can change the AUX feeds by using the front panel, but since it’s mounted above my head it’s not something I’ve tried a lot.

We’ll probably add a Stream Deck for accessing macros more easily, but we need to settle some things before we get there.