Thanks Aaron and John

Just wanted to thank you guys for the effort you each put into this forum and your respective YT channels. I know you both have full time gigs besides so the time you put into this is amazing.

John, thanks for the bit of help with the Companion sw. I appreciate your email responses to a couple of questions. I still have not found a way to do previous/next with the media player. I don’t think it is possible yet.

Aaron, your YT videos are always well done and help a lot of folks as well.

Happy turning,


Really appreciate that, Tod. Nice to have you on the forum and posting plenty of stuff!

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I echo Tod’s comments and kudos!

I’ve been lurking around Here to Record for a long while and recently added Aaron’s channel as “must watch” content.

I’m also a General Manager in the live events industry trying to guide and expand my company and team into even more opportunities in the virtual and streaming space.

I always walk away with a great vibe of support and generosity of spirit from you both - not just for your own work but your willingness to build a a collaborative community of creatives.

Thank you!


Also saying thanks for all the input. I’ve been watching the H2R vids for a while now and then stumbled across Aaron’s vids so a nice double act. Sadly staying up til 3am is a little challenging so i catch the recordings.

I’m fortunate to have access to a full production company warehouse so it’s nice looking at our company processes and how new tech can streamline workflows etc.

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Likewise, a big thank you to @aaronpk and @john!

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I echo on this while I’m catching up with all the fine forum content.
My entry point was watching Aaron’s videos on YT and also John at Here To Record. I even contacted John directly while waiting for my Atem Mini Pro and he was so noble to respond.
Big thanks!

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Yep same from me…Both guys give so much and are so helpful. Thank you./


Here here to that. I have learned so much from @john and @aaronpk , for which I am truly grateful and appreciative.

Thank you also for H2R, John. A really useful app that just keeps getting better and better. Thank you to Aaron for releasing the code for the map yesterday. Both very generous with your time and expertise.

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