Suggestions for Elgato Cam Link alternatives?

Hi everyone,

I am making video productions for teaching at the IT University of Copenhagen. We are attempting to take live productions to the next level, while still making it accessible to all lecturers - not just the tech savvy ones.

We have setup several “mobile studios” based on the ATEM Mini Pro. The setup contains two LED lamps, a Sony camera, a document camera, and a monitor, everything fitted onto a movable work desk. Our teachers are making live productions via Zoom, make pre-recorded lectures, and soon live streams.

In the name of quality and ease of use for our teachers, I want to make it possible to record on the ATEM as well as use the camera as an input for your computer. The easiest solution here would be to use an Elgato Cam Link for the HDMI output from the ATEM. Building several of these system, I would however love to get a basic version that is reliable and works and not necessarily shell out the quite steep asking price for the Elgato Cam Link.

Does anyone have experiences with HDMI capture dongles and could recommend a cheaper alternative for the Elgato Cam Link?


Rune -
if you have the ATEM Mini Pro, you likely don’t need a CamLink type device as the AMP can record to an external USB device (like the Samsung T5 (but not the T7 apparently)). If you don’t do this, just hook up the AMP via USB to the computer and its complete output shows up as a virtual webcam in all your apps, so you can record with zoom or OBS or whatever. This is what I do and it works great.
That said, if you do need a cheap HDMI capture card, those generic HDMI sticks for $15-20 work just great. I got one on a whim and it just shows ups and works on both my Mac and my Windows 10 machines. Easy and affordable!
EDIT: in re-reading your message I see you said "record on the ATEM AND use the camera. Ah, well, those cheap HDMI sticks might be the answer still.

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You could also use a cheap 1x2 HDMI splitter to split your camera feed to the ATEM and Capture Card if you wanted to use the HDMI port on the ATEM for Multiview. Obviously you would only be getting the camera feed and not the program feed off the ATEM.

1x2 HDMI Splitter :
HDMI Capture Card to USB:

Hi there, thanks for responding. Splitting the camera feed only does not work at all though. Then we could basically just bypass the ATEM all together. I know it’s a trade off using the HDMI Out for the output, but in the name of simplicity for my end users, it is the better option.

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Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the virtual webcam option, but that I cannot do. Of course, you could record the feed on your computer as well, but I am dealing with various people who are not necessarily tech savvy and I cannot have them use special capture equipment on their computer while doing presentations and focusing on the actual teaching.

I will attempt getting an no name HDMI stick and see if that works out.

Thanks again