Streaming to YouTube Live & Latency Reliability

In your experience(s)…

How reliable is “Low Latency” mode vs. Normal Mode vs. Ultra Low as far as making the viewer constantly have to deal with buffering, etc.?

Or are they all pretty reliable these days?

I am using “very low latency” all the time, without having to deal with any buffering problems at all. Streaming at 4500-6000kbps. Latency is 7-8 seconds round-trip time basically all the time during streaming.

I’ve been using ultra-low on my weekly livestreams. It ends up with a delay of 2-3 seconds which is nice having it that low so that I can actually interact with the chat. I found when it’s more delayed I have to awkwardly wait for responses when I ask a question. My internet connection is very stable though and I have a solid 100mbps upload speed.

I streamed the other day withy UltraLow and was very happy with the quick chat replies. I was also streaming at 9000kbps with no issues (that I caught).

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Ditto that - any will work fine. Primary benefit on LL is chat pops up faster.