Streaming Setup for Microsoft Teams

Hello from Hannover Germany.

Here now also times a chaos setup from me. I’m already a while here in the forum, but not active. Good that this forum exists, with all the valuable information you can get here.

This was my last setup for a Microsoft Teams Live Event. I had 3 presenters in the “studio” and 8 remote presenters.

I use the Roland VR-1HD as the main mixer to give the image as a USB stream to the computer. I do this to be able to separate the audio signal that comes from the remote presenters and give it via line out to the Yamaha MG12 XU. From there, a monitor mix goes via wireless in-ear monitoring to the presenters, who are equipped with a lavalier microphone. From the Yamaha MG12 XU, the audio signal also goes into the VR-1HD, as it has respectable dynamics processors, such as a gate.

The cameras give their signal to a Atem Mini. The Atem Mini gives its main out to the Atem Mini Pro. Attached to the Atem Min Pro is a Hyperdeck Studio Mini, which sends overlays via 2 SDI/HDMI converters. I control the Hyperdeck and the Atem Mini Pro via the Elgato Streaming Deck. The Atem Mini Pro then sends the signal to the Roland VR-1HD via HDMI Main Out. Here I still have two video channels free, for example to control picture in picture for PowerPoint and other sources. As mentioned above, it then goes from the Roland VR-1HD to my Macboock Pro to stream via the Teams app. The Teams app for Mac runs lousy for me.

I am running as a one man show. As a photographer and videographer I had no exposure to streaming before the pandemic. My main source of income at trade shows and events fell away like many colleagues, so streaming saved my ass.
Many greetings from Hannover

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