Streaming presentations from Bletchley Park

One of my first uses of the Atem mini to stream 3x one hour talks from The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park (UK). Rather a lash up, with cables everywhere. Each talk was presented in front of the machine in question, at positions around the museum. There was only 15 minutes between two of the presentations, and rather a hasty move of kit, all the power leads were stored in a box that got thrown on the table and carried down the corridor. Having seen the compact pre-wired rigs on this site I am thinking about such a solution.

It was streamed using Zoom. There was one live camera (C100) and OBS for pre-recorded items. I had hoped to use PlayoutBee on a Pi, but this kept stopping during my testing, so I used OBS on another laptop instead. As the clips were long and fairly important, I also had the clips on a “standby VT” (cheap media player from Amazon).

I connected an active loudspeaker to the Zoom laptop so the presenter could hear questions from a moderator elsewhere in the building, who was also on the Zoom call.

All went well and I am very pleased with the Blackmagic mixer, a great piece of kit. I made use of lower 3rd and full screen captions called by macros, super source to add a cropped presenter cam in with the powerpoint from the speaker, and I appreciate the sound mixer with dynamics. A lot of features in a small package.


Nice job Dave!

Just an idea, for next time, try to use Playoutbee on the laptop.

I didn’t have any problem with it and I really like the autostart feature when I switched to CAM5 (my computer was the VT with Playoutbee)

Also because we had two 100Mb separate internet connections I’ve used an ATEM Mini Pro (for encoder only) for backup stream to YT which was sourced from the Extreme ISO’s 2nd HDMI (Program) out.