Streaming Platforms for Non-Profits?

I’ve been helping a (very non-technical) friend try to get a streaming setup up and running for the non-profit art/performance space he’s running. They have a small (50 seat) venue, and I’ve got them set up with a decent live audio system with an independent stereo feed to an ATEM Mini Pro Iso to stream out (and not a lot of budget for cameras, so it’s mostly ZOOM Q2N-4Ks). They’ve been using YouTube but want to start doing ticketed/paywall events so they can pay performers more and try and widen the audience, as COVID has had a serious impact on in-person attendance at shows (to say the least — they were pretty much shut down for most of the last two years). As with most small, local arts organizations, they don’t have much budget, so I’m trying to find a streaming service that doesn’t charge a lot for the ability to offer paywalled/ticketed events — maybe even one that offers a discount to non-profit community organizations. Anybody here have any ideas or experience that they could toss my way?

A quick suggestion is to start with Eventbrite for the ticketing portion and Zoom meeting or Zoom webinar that will allow you to give only paying customers on the Eventbrite platform access to the event. I have seen this done successfully for artists and comedians during the pandemic. Make sure that the amount of tickets you are selling match the Zoom account you are using. To get the best audio for Zoom, you can tweak the Zoom client doing the broadcasting in the Advanced Audio Settings and make sure that you use “Original Sound” . This will allow you to still use the ATEM Mini Pro USB output into a computer to use Zoom.

If you would like to stick with YouTube, you can always give the Eventbrite paying customers a Unlisted shared link for them to view the event instead of the Zoom meeting URL but there is no security that paying customers will not give out the link to non paying people. Unlisted function of YouTube platform does not publish the event in the public directory for anyone to see but nothing else.

There are more complicated DRM / Ticketing systems out there that will allow customers to view on phone, desktop, tablet and smart TV and can offer customers per event and subscriptions per month but again higher costs and less profit to the artists as the platform will take a % of the profits.

Hope that helps and good luck.

Unfortunately, YouTube’s Terms of Service do not allow ticketed events, and trying to use that avenue could potentially lead to the loss of the organization’s YT account. The venue is looking to be able to stream one to two events weekly, so yearly/ongoing bandwidth use and cost become a concern and Eventbrite’s $1/ticket plus 2.5% fee is another stumbling block (for example, if they do two shows a week and sell 50 tickets for each, that’s over $5k/year plus the 2.5% fee, on top of the cost of an appropriate Zoom plan). I’ve been looking at Castr’s new “All-in-One” plans as a potential option, as they say they don’t take a cut from ticket sales and their base plan is $3k/year. I’m just trying to find out if there are other options out there I haven’t uncovered.

Check out or dacast,although I didn’t find their customer services as good as SVP

Thanks for the tip! SVP has a 10% non-profit discount, and a quite reasonable rate for the amount of bandwidth my folks will need.

I’ve not used it first hand, but Vimeo’s Livestream offerings come to mind