Streaming platforms for Corporate events

I have a client asking me about a robust platform to host their streaming event. We will be streaming presentations from my Atem Extreme with presenter and slides followed by a Q&A Session from the audience. I’ve used Youtube, and Bizzabo and some others, but i’m curious if there are other platforms I should check out that people have had good experiences with? I’d love to be able to connect to the platform through RTMP if possible, but would love to hear any options that people have had good luck with.

Hi Mike
Here is a link to the service I switched to about 4 months ago.

I have found it super easy to use and very reliable. I did have a minor hiccup early on, which turned out to be user error, and they were very responsive and worked through it with me - unlike another service I tried…

let me know if any questions

I’ve been livestreaming each week via Vimeo. It’s about $1200/year, it allow up to 3 livestreams at one time, and I believe a length of 12 hours at a time. I have never had any issues with copyright music, like there is with YouTube and Facebook.

I connect to it via RTMP and have never had an issue with them. I live switch via Atem extreme, but I livestream through OBS.

~ Rob

For the biggest events we’ve used Hopin. Works very well with a few thousand attendees.

Are you thinking about using multiple cameras? Because it can make your live stream look more professional in my opinion. As for the platform, there is a bunch you can choose from. I’ve used TVU Producer and the outcome wasn’t bad. But it all comes down to your end goal here. My other suggestion would be to look around for cloud-based software. But generally, they’re paid with free-trial periods. So, it might be also smart to try some of them, even OBS, and see for yourself the actual result.

I’ve used Vimeo for a client a number of times. The account plan needed for live streaming is a bit expensive though. It has chat and Q&A that works quit ok and allows you to embed the video exclusively to the companies website.
If you’re doing streams for internal users only then Microsoft Teams also has a Live Event function that accepts RTMP-streams. It has it’s limitations but works fine for internal events and it’s included if they already have Office365 for their users.