Streaming my daughter's softball games

I would like to livestream my daughters travel softball games for the players parents that aren’t able to attend the games. We would like to stream them through the game changer team manager app. Facebook live would be another option. I currently have a panasonic hc-v770 camcorder and an iphone se. Would I be able to connect the camcorder to the iphone so I could connect to the internet through the mobile data of the iphone? It obviously would be easier to just use the camera on the phone to stream, but I would like to use the camcorder if possible as I am able to view the whole field with the camcorder.

I took a look at the manual and since it is an older device and it specifically says that you need a Panasonic Lumix Club account to do streaming, I’d be concerned about it continuing to function. Especially as that Lumix Club site has some notifications on it about no longer supporting some devices. Now, if it has clean HDMI output, of course you could add some devices in between your camera and your phone’s internet connection. Just not sure if you can do it with ONLY the camera and the phone.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this. What devices would I need to put between the camera and the iPhone? Could you recommend specific models of the devices?

Take the HDMI out of the camera (as long as it is a clean feed - minus camera specific information) into the iphone using a USB type capture device would be a suggestion. You will still need an app on the iphone to use the USB capture device to stream from the phone. But I would not recommend this method. Depending on your budget, I would look at getting a ATEM Mini Pro which you could plug the camera(s) into and plug in your phone to the USB port and use tethering method built into the ATEM and yes that will use your mobile data. Hope that helps.