Streaming Bridge vs Upgraded ATEM for Projector

Hi! I thought this would be the group to ask- I have an ATEM Mini Pro that I want to hook up to a projector for IMAG during a concert. I was considering getting the Streaming Bridge to allow for a Program output while retaining the multi-view however if I ever want to live-stream my events, I eat up the streaming portion to outputting to the bridge. Would it be more cost effective to sell the pro and buy a ATEM Mini Extreme with the 2nd HDMI out, convert to SDI to run to the projector (converting back to HDMI) than to sacrifice the streaming option?

The thing in your favour at this moment is that a number of sellers are currently selling the Extreme ISO at 50% under list price. Which for some reason now makes the ISO cheaper than the non-ISO. It’s possibly due to a stock clearance before NAB.

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Thats interesting… Anyone have leads on what the US market looks like right now? Also, do we think there will be a significant product launch in a few weeks???

Let me answer your question this way, the Streaming Bridge product was not "really’ meant to be used for IMAG as the Streaming Bridge by default adds delay, so your suggestion to move from the ATEM Mini Pro to ATEM Mini Extreme is valid and many of our installation and production companies have done so. The ATEM Mini Extreme also allows you to control the second output to be any source you would like not just limiting to you showing the source (good for confidence monitoring as well). To the comment as of writing this, in the US and Canada, the ATEM Mini Extreme and Extreme ISO pricing has not changed. Buyer beware! Good luck with your concert.

To answer your question about BM launching new products, check out this YT video done this week:

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