Streaming a talkshow with instructions for Caspar CG usage

I would like to share my workflow in streaming a talkshow ( TechMatters - YouTube )
The stream overlays are managed by Caspar CG server and client.
Images and playout of video’s at on-stage TV managed by a 2nd Caspar server.
Both Caspar servers and the Atem Mini Pro are controlled by a streamdeck and Companion SW.
The workflow is documented in this document Streaming a talk show - Google Docs
I previously documented the use of Google Webdesigner for creating animated lower thirds Caspar CG html templates.pdf - Google Drive
The advantage in using Caspar CG over other playout and overlay software is that Caspar CG is also able to send control signals to the AMP. In this way more complex switching sequences are made possibel. The complete show is prepared in a rundown list.
The main steps are:
1- countdown to start of show
2- Channel intro video
3- Start talking and Lower thirds for host and guest
4- playout video
5- end of show

Kind regards
Rene Brunken

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