Streamcase ATEM Mini Portable rig

Hi Everyone,
Here are a few pictures of the rig I have been working on. It is of course inspired by Caleb Pike’s build and from all the things I’ve seen you, my peers, create. Thank you. And thank you to @aaronpk Aaron Parecki and @john John Barker for the inspiration and information you graciously share! I welcome any suggestions, critiques and questions.


Lepow Monitor - 2020 Z1 Gamut
Pelican - 1470 case
Aluminum top panel - Data Pro
Wireless receivers x2 - Hollyland Mars 400s
Battery power - Bioenno
LTE and Wifi - GL iNet X750
Google - Chromecast with Google TV
Cooling fan - AC Infinty

Top View:

Audio I/O:

Data I/O




that looks really nice. well done.

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do You know how long you can run on battery for?

The goal was for around an hour. The total draw is 12 amps and the batteries total 9Ah. I usually keep a trickle charge on the system and just use the batteries as a UPS in case power goes down. I have another large battery in a case that will power it for a couple hours.

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I did a test today with everything running and got 3.5 hours out of the Streamcase rig! I’m very happy with those results from just 3x 3Ah batteries.

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