Stream miter saw frame case

Hello guys, I’m Fernando, I made this case back in May , it still on beta. Is mounted on a portable miter saw stand, the case is a Prlican v700 36”, monitors are 2 lepow 15” portable monitors ( they give me a lot off trouble) and the white materias is ACM (aluminum composite material) I use hdmi to ethernet adapters to run 150’+ of cat7 cables and they work great if you keep your phone away of it, they can get interference.

The set up is
3 cams stationary up to 150’
1 long zoom camera up to 150’
1 roaming camera on gimbal, wireless
1 tele prompter camera 75’

Looking to make the rig smaller

Cheers from Puerto Rico ! :v:


That’s an interesting placement for that Stream Deck, do you find it works well?

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Hey :v: I see your videos ! Thanks for all the times your videos help me!

The location of the stream deck is perfect, I can see the clips names and time without looking down, and prevent accidental press.

Right now I’m considering to move the equipment to a rack case (skb 6u roto rolling) with 7” dual monitors.

I had to return one of the Portable monitor that are mounted on the Case lid because of a dead line of pixels. And over all the v700 case aren’t that portable. Any suggestions?

Cheers :v:

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