Stream deck with usb to ethernet?

Dear Aaron and hive mind,

I’m working on a road case setup for my Extreme iso.
I’m using an Ipad Mini with Strata Macros on my current setup with the Mini pro (see it on share my rig), but I’m considering the Stream deck for the new setup.

I’ll have a ethernet router in the case, so I was hoping I could use a USB to ethernet adapter to feed the control signal from the Streamdeck through the router to the laptop. This would let me run a single cable from the case outs to the laptop.
WILL THIS WORK? I haven’t been able to find out.

The new setup will have a custom case, a 17" monitor, a Feelworld LUT 7 for scopes, will work with an Ipad or Streamdeck, a mount for a Cosmo 600 wireless receiver(near zero latency!) from my gimbal rig.
If it works out well and there is interest, I may offer them for sale, as a kit, or pre-built, ready to drop in your Extreme.

Thanks, Dave

well, you could set up a Raspberry Pi to control the stream deck, and it would be connected to the rest of your network via Ethernet. That way your laptop would not need to run Companion or be connected to the streamdeck. You could even power the Raspberry Pi via Ethernet.

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The laptop will be connected to the case for ATEM and PTZ control. I’m trying to simplify things as much as practical without compromising function.

You could use a USB hub with built-in RJ45 Internet the RJ-45 would pop-up is an Internet adapter and you can plug the stream deck into the USB ports. Then it’s one USB in to your computer for network and Stream deck.

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What I want to do is convert the USB out from the stream deck to an ethernet feed. The hub you linked would probably do that. The question becomes; will the companion software see the feed through ethernet?

Yeah, a wireless hotspot with RJ45 ports would do the trick. Connect the ATEM via CAT5. Connect the computer/PI with Companion wirelessly to the hotspot. Connect the Stream Deck to the computer/PI via USB. That setup will work like a champ.

Sorry for getting frustrated, but all of you have offered a different solution (none of which fit my need) without answering my basic question (see title).

In short, no, it isn’t possible to connect Stream Deck to network (without using an intermediate computer) because StreamDeck is not a network device and doesn’t have the ability to use usb network adapters.


You are correct sir. I should have read it more thoroughly. That can be frustrating. I get it. @gizmo is right. Can’t be done; a Stream Deck doesn’t have an Ethernet port.

Only way is using a Raspberry Pi as Mark suggested.

I guess I’ll look at the Pi situation and if there’s room in the case.