Stream deck companion failure - need consulting!

I have an atem mini pro and stream deck with bit focus companion was running fine. today although it shows connected to atem and buttons have correct names, button presses have no effect on ATEM. Atem macros run fine on atem, but neither stream deck buttons nor web buttons do anything. No errors in companion log. its 7am in Nevada and I have a show in 3 hours. Happy to hire someone to consult. $100 bucks an hour…but please you need to know this stuff cold! you can reply here or

Try an older version of companion, I had problems too with the latest version.
After switching back all was normal again.

thanks will try this

ugh rebooted atem and downloaded 2.0. Same problem

The amazing John Barker helped me find a solution . i re dragged the buttons onto the deck (over the old ones) and that ‘refreshed’ the buttons and deck which must have gotten hosed somehow. thanks john!!!

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