Stream Deck and Companion question

Hello everyone. I am working on a new streaming setup for my church and have a noob question. Can I use Companion to program all 32 keys on the Stream Deck XL that we purchased for our rig?

I’m in the very early stages of setting things up. Just today we got over our VLAN issues and got the POE to our PTZ cameras figured out. It was so awesome powering the cameras up for the first time and finally seeing video on the multiviewer! Rig pic to come later once we are done with everything.

Hey - you can certainly do that with companion. Though it may be that 3 of the buttons should be used for page navigation, I know there were working on removing that but I am not sure if they have yet. Otherwise give it a go!

Thanks John!

I figured out what my issue was. I was not using the latest version of Companion. Once I updated, Companion noticed my Stream Deck XL right away!