Strange audio issue

Hello Everyone,

Today we migrated over to our new streaming setup and encountered something very odd. Most of our audience, both live and VOD, had no issues with our stream; but, several people that watched it said there was no or distorted audio. I have no idea what is going on as I was monitoring the audio via the Facebook LIVE video page and it was just fine. We tested both the FB archive and the recording I made from our ATEM Mini Pro which I uploaded to YouTube with every device in the house. When we got to my son’s iPhone SE, there was no audio.

Did I do something wrong? In my opinion, the audio is perfect…well, I may need to add a little make-up gain in the compressor. Below are the links to our FB page (post is for the 22nd Sunday of Ordinary Time) and the video I uploaded to YouTube. Let me know if you all have any thoughts or suggestions. (audio starts around the 1:20 mark)


I can tell you almost immediately what the issue is having experienced it before - you have output a single balanced audio signal from a sound desk/output into a stereo input on a camera/Atem Mini Pro.
What this means is the left channel is out of phase, and the right channel is in phase. When played back on stereo speakers, it will sound slightly odd, however when played back on a mono speaker, (mobile phones especially), it “sums to 0” - i.e. there is no audio, as the left channel cancels the right channel.
You will need to use a cable that inputs a true stereo signal, or use something like a Powerplay P1 to convert XLR mono/stereo into a stereo signal

I think you helped me solve the issue, but not in the exact way you suggested…lol!

When we set up the system, our parish music director connected the sound cable to a random mix output on the board. We are using a stereo XLR to 3.5mm TRS cable ( Upon additional research into our sound board (a brand and type I’ve never used in the past), it appears he hooked me up to one of the mono mix outputs. If I switch it to one of the available stereo mixes, do you think that will resolve the issue?

That XLR cable that you have linked is a balanced XLR to stereo TRS which is the cable that will cause the issue - it is not a stereo XLR to 3.5mm. XLR despite having 3 pins is a mono signal (ground, positive, negative) - if it is a single xlr output from the mixing desk it is always a mono balanced signal, regardless of whether the mix is stereo or mono
If you wish to use a single cable, you will need a twin xlr female to single 3.5mm TRS, where the internal wiring is common ground, but then only wires the positive xlr pin on each side to the 3.5mm (something like - then on the mixing desk, one xlr output should be stereo left from the stereo mix (blue xlr), and the other xlr right should be stereo right (red xlr)

We’ve been having this exact same issue - sound is a little “strange” on a stereo device (almost as if there is a delay between left vs right) and then no sound on some older devices.

I’ll have to buy one of those cables mentioned to see if we can get left and right inputting into the Atem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info guys!!

a quick fix for this on ATEM is to split the input and mute one side.

Hi @gizmo,
Sorry, pretty new to this. Please could you explain in more detail what you mean?
Thanks :sunglasses:

If you have ATEM mini (*) you can split stereo audio inputs into two mono inputs (in software control). Then you can mute one of those inputs, and you’ll have a proper mono audio, that would work until you get a proper cable.

Hmmm… Interesting… I think I’ll try that too. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the cable suggestion. This resolved our issue! I did a test stream of our 8am Mass this morning and my wife watched it on our son’s iPhone, which has a mono speaker, and it sounded great. I also watched it on my work PC with a super cheap and crappy mono speaker and it had sound there as well, where I didn’t previously.

Thanks again for your help!