Stepping up my quality or game

What have you done that has really stepped up your game. Made you look or feel a bit more professional? Anything that you could share?

This is a little hard to answer because it depends on how good your game is to start with.
But a few thoughts in no particular order
Keep your setup tidy and organised. Run cables as neatly as possible visually.
Try to ensure minimum failures by gaffering power plugs and taping leads etc to stop unwanted disconnects (as well as trips.)
Know your setup so when you arrive and begin the setup you are efficient.
Allow plenty of time to setup and test before the stream time. When I work on large corporate event streams setup starts about 3 hours prior to the event.
I hope this helps

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Yea. Sorry it is hard to answer. Those are all awesome tips. My question is very generic but I asked it that way on purpose so that people can answer it with what they feel they may have done to step up their game. My personal set up is a static set up. I dont have to do setup for every event thankfully. One way I feel I have stepped up my game is just by reading lots of group discussions, watching lots of videos. I have for the HERE to RECORD among the best ones out there.

Switching from a flaky PC-based rig to the ATEM means I can go for much longer on battery and I won’t have camera freezes or audio desynchronization.

Having a headset mic, interview mic means my audience can always hear my audio.

A microphone flag and foam windscreen on an interview mic is the best appearance change for an indie channel. It really stands out on Unicorn Riot’s protest coverage.