Startup arguments to launch / position keys

I’m attempting to use H2R Graphics on a compute stick. It would be really great if I didn’t have to VNC into it to get H2R up and running minimized with the Chroma window in fullscreen mode.

I haven’t discovered any commandline args or docs concerning such options. Did I miss this?

Thatäs something I never thought about (and I totally missed your post) - Did you manage to fix this?

Not yet, here’s what I end up doing:

  • boot up compute stick
  • VNC into the compute stick
  • launch key/fill
  • maximize key
  • show logo
  • show ticker

I think the best option I would recommend is a save/load settings and save/load state function which would write either all of the current contents to a file or the activation state of each and window positions. I can run a bat file on startup which would indicate the appropriate contents & state to be used via a command line.

You could try using AutoHotkey, you can script sending keystrokes to windows