Splitting Audio Channels Hardware?

I know you can do this in the ATEM Control Software so if I have 2 lav mics on one camera, they can be split into 2 separate sources and the audio of each channel can be adjusted separately, right? If I don’t have the ATEM Mini Pro, is there a piece of hardware that can do this? My other switcher is unable to do this so I’m looking for options if I sell my AMP. Thanks!

Your can do this in the “setup” section (grear menu bottom left) under audio. Check the extra tabs, UI is not always clear that important items are hiding.

Sorry my question was a bit confusing. What I’m saying is I k ow how to do it and I love this feature of the software. But if I sell my AMP, how can I do this with another switcher that doesn’t have this split audio feature built into its software (yet)? Is there another piece of hardware out there that’ll do this?

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