Source switch doesn’t complete

I have two BMPCC4Ks hooked up to an ATEM Mini Pro. The AMP HDMI-out goes to a VideoAssist to show MultiView. The USB-C out is used for SSD recording. Program and control is done over Ethernet from the AMP to my MacBook Pro.

The AMP is set to program/preview, with a 2s fade. I switch cameras using the hardware panel, not the Software Control. I don’t have a StreamDeck or iPad with Strata set up, I just switch from the hardware panel.

Normally, when I have Cam1 on preview (button lit up green) and Cam2 on program (button lit up red), tapping on ‘auto’ will switch from Cam2 to Cam1 with a 2 second dissolve.

However, once every ten times or so, pressing ‘auto’ will get 20% of the way of the dissolve (subtly overlaying Cam1 unto Cam2), then stay like that. The buttons of both sources are lit up red. If I press ‘auto’ again, the dissolve completes. But obviously this is behavior that I don’t want, it looks bad.

Does anyone know the cause of this and/or how to keep it from happening? Or did I get a bad ATEM Mini Pro?

Is there any chance that you are doing an accidental double press of the auto I have a tech that does that once in a while

Nope, no chance at all.

then it’s possible that the button is dirty/defective and registers double tap every once in a while

Yeah I’m gonna agree with the double tap theory. You could confirm that by using the software control panel to switch and see if it ever gets stuck like that’. If it doesn’t then that points to a problem with the hardware buttons. Very strange tho, I haven’t heard of this happening before.

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Thanks, I’ll try that. I’ll post my findings here. If it works fine in software, I’ll buy Strata Pro to operate the panel from an iPad. (the buttons in ATEM Software Control are teeny)

Yesterday, it happened again, while I was streaming a yoga class. For the viewers watching live, it’s not a big deal, but I also record those classes for the video library of our eLearning platform, where the expectations are higher.

Luckily I also recorded to SSDs on each camera, so I was able to recreate the class from those files. But it’s a pain having to redo everything. Color grading, audio sweetening, adding music, switching angles, adding graphics, etc. It took 6 hours in post to get a product that’s not a lot better than the 1 hour class that I mix live. But I’ve been spoiled, the ATEM Mini Pro saves me so much time over the previous situation, in which I had to do all the editing afterwards.

I tested it. Using the Software Control, there are no problems.

Using the AMP panel, once every ten times there is no switch or transition. Both camera buttons light up red at the same time and stay that way until I press the ‘auto’ button again.

Here’s a photo of it happening:

I’d write in to Blackmagic support, sounds like a bad unit. They’ll hopefully be able to arrange a new one for you.

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Thanks, I’ll get in touch with the company that sold me the ATEM Mini Pro (EU laws provide solid consumer protection). I’ll also email Blackmagic with the problem.

But realistically, it will take quite a while to get a replacement unit, so I’ll install Strata Pro on my iPad and see if I can get that to work well with the AMP.

I’ll update this post when I know more.

It seems that this may indeed be a defective unit, but I’ve also accidentally double-tapped the Auto button

While some people may intentionally pause an auto transition by tapping the auto button mid transition, I would assume this would be the minority use case.

It might be nice if Blackmagic added a preference setting that allowed this feature to be disabled. The result would be, if “mid-transition Auto pause” was disabled, tapping the Auto button mid-transition would have no effect.

Yeah, I can see how that could happen. But after this phenomenon happened to me a couple of times, I tried different ways. Tapping the ‘auto’ button softly, pressing it forcefully, pressing it short, pressing it longer. No matter what I do, once every 10 times or so, no switching happens. What I did notice: once it’s in that state, if I press again after 2s, it will perform the switch and transition. If I press again within the 2s (the time I set for transitions), it will get confused and partially transition to the other source. That’s when it will start looking bad (Cam1 overlaying Cam2 at 10% or 20%). So that’s how I’ve been dealing with it now: if the glitch happens, I wait 3 seconds, then attempt the switch again.