Sound help please

I have an ATEM mini pro ISO. Connected a Rodecaster pro to the monitor ports with L and R 1/4 plugs to single 3.5mm to mic input 1 on the ATEM and set the sound setting for mic one to Line.

This works fine and I love broadcast no issues etc. My issue is that I also have local classes that are also live so I need to also go out to some speakers at the same time. Is it ok to just get the L and R 1/4 plugs split with a splitter and and run a set to the ATEM like I am doing now and another out to the speakers? I did this but getting a lot of feedback… not sure if that is best idea.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Also MIC one on the Rodecaster pro is Rode Pod Mic, Mic 2 and 3 are Rode Wireless Go mics. I have the two wireless go mics going through a dual cloud lifter right now. It helped some but still getting feedback if I turn it up a little.

I’m new to audio so could be me messing something obvious up.



feedback has nothing to do with atem, but your microphone is too close to your speakers, and those mics are not meant to be used with speakers. I can’t tell you more without knowing your situation (speakers, room, etc) but you need to keep audio levels down and get away and behind the speakers as much as you can.

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