Sony ECMAW4 Wireless Microphones

The Sony ECMAW4 was the predecessor to the Rode Wireless Go. It’s a super small microphone and receiver pair, a bit larger than an AA battery. Each is powered with a AAA battery inside. Like the Rode Wireless Go, the transmitter has a built in microphone, but can also be used with an external lav mic (not included). The kit sells for $149-199 new right now.

I have two sets, and am willing to sell one or both of them.

I don’t have the other accessories that came in the kit (belt, earphone for monitoring, etc), so only what is pictured is included in this. The battery clip on one of the transmitters broke so it needs to be held in place with a bit of tape.

Prices include shipping within the US.

Price for both: $240
Price for one: $140
Price for one with broken battery clip: $110